Saturday, November 24, 2007

Arts & Crafts: Community Flyers

I got the idea for today’s good deed listening to my favorite community sponsored radio station on a recent morning. A few years ago our governor launched a money-saving prescription drug program that is open to all state residents. The enrollment fee is modest ($20/year), there are no health or income restrictions, and anyone who lives in the state is eligible. The significantly reduced prices — lower than those available with private sector discount cards — can be a big help for anyone who lacks prescription drug coverage or whose prescription coverage is inadequate for their needs.

Problem is: according to the radio the program is under-utilized because so few people know about it.

Flyers, anyone? I scoped out public bulletin boards in my daily orbit and found some I hadn't even noticed before: in my apartment building, at both neighborhood groceries, Whole Foods, and the public library. A quick visit to the RX program’s web site, some fun with arts & crafts — et voila, a flyer that’s ready for posting.

Today’s mitzvah: Think about posting information for a local group or organization that could use a publicity boost.

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