Sunday, November 18, 2007

Write A Letter: Support Buddhist Monks in Myanmar

It’s Sunday: do I go to church or find a convenient excuse to stay home? For me this isn’t a big deal. My Quaker / Disciples of Christ / Episcopalian background gives me a wealth of choices -- and confidence that my religious leaders will not be arrested if they choose to speak out against their government.

In Myanmar, which many prefer to call Burma in protest against the military dictatorship, more than 4,000 Buddhist monks have been jailed, a result of national protests in October. How can you help? Amnesty International has posted a sample letter than can be faxed, emailed, or snail mailed to Myanmar’s Foreign Minister. AI believes these letters put pressure on the regime by reminding them that the world is watching.

Today's mitzvah: Let the jailed monks and other peaceful protesters know that the world has not forgotten them. Click here to send a letter, fax, or email message to Myanmar's Foreign Ministry.

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