Friday, December 28, 2007

Charity Piggy Bank 2008

I’ve been looking for an organized way to keep track of the small sums I receive from odd places throughout the year, with the goal of contributing this money to charity at year’s end. This led to one of my upcoming New Year’s resolutions: create a Charity Piggy Bank. I’ll post periodic updates here on Daily Mitzvah, to help keep me on track. The Charity Piggy Bank will include: rebates and other small checks; the contents of my everything-but-quarters loose change jar; money I find on the street (more than one might think!), left in vending machines, etc; and interest from my two small savings accounts. I’m also figuring out proportional giving this year. My income varies a lot depending on adjunct teaching and other freelance jobs, which makes it hard to estimate in advance. So instead of a fixed sum I’ve chosen a small percentage of my take-home income that I am diverting to the piggy bank. I’ll sweep all these items into my ING Direct savings account, and at the end of the year contribute the money to one or several nonprofits. If you would like to open an ING account for yourself, for any purpose, email me at DailyMitzvahBlog[at]gmail[dot]com for a referral link that will deposit $25 into your new account and also rebate $10 to me. I’ll contribute my portion to the Daily Mitzvah Charity Piggy Bank.

Today’s mitzvah: consider organzinging your small change and other miscellaneous income into a “charity piggy bank.”

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