Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An Extra Mitzvah for Obama Supporters

I put myself on the Barack Obama mailing list very early. It’s all about the accessories, of course — I wanted to be the first kid on the block with an Obama button! Today I received an email message from a volunteer coordinator in Iowa with the open-me subject line “An Unusual Request.” I’m nothing if not a target market, so of course I opened it. The request? Send an online note of encouragement to one of the Iowa precinct captains. The captains work long hours and it’s all volunteer. The campaign provides a link with a page that’s all set to email: just enter your message. The only personal information required is an email address and your zip code. After sending the message, a heads up that you’ll see a page asking if you’d also like to make a financial donation (it’s a campaign, after all). But no contribution is necessary to send a note of encouragement.

Today’s extra credit mitzvah:
Click here to send a note of support and thanks to an Iowa precinct captain.

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