Sunday, December 30, 2007

Simple Sundays: Free Clicks Help to Sponsor Children

In a creative spin on “click to donate,” Care2 has pledged to sponsor 14 children through Children International. Each time you click on the web site button (up to once per day per person), advertisers make a small contribution, which Care2 then sends to Children International each month to sponsor Ana Gabriela, Jorge, and Adriana (Ecuador); David and Yeyni (Guatemala); Ariane, Bryan, and Arnold (Philippines); Saony, Jose, and Carlos David (Dominican Republic); and Sirleys, Yelize, and Carlos (Colombia). Sponsorship funds are customized for the individual child’s needs and may include medical and dental care, educational support, clothing, nutritional aid, and family assistance.

Today’s mitzvah: Take a few seconds to click Care2’s children site and help support the kids above, at no cost to you!

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