Sunday, December 9, 2007

Simple Sundays: “Click to Donate” Ideas by Email

Many of us have a favorite click to donatesite, like Free Rice, yet it often seems there are just too many of these sites to keep up with. A simply designed web site, Daily Free Donation, offers a streamlined solution: submit your email address and every two days you will receive a message featuring a random “click to donate” link. These web sites follow the familiar model: a sponsor or sponsors agree to make a contribution for every click, at no cost to you or me. A neat added feature: many of the Daily Free Donation sites are located in countries other than the U.S. — and might otherwise be unknown to English-only speakers — supporting local food, health, and education programs. (Not sure where to click on a page in an unfamiliar language? Look for the left sidebar with instructions and an arrow to direct you to the appropriate button.)

Today’s mitzvah:
Consider signing up for an every-other-day email message — and “click to donate”!

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