Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Things: A Holiday Thank-You to 13 Blogs I Enjoy

One of the fun things about writing a daily blog: it gives me an excuse to wander the blogosphere looking for inspiration and kindred spirits. I’ve also met some terrific bloggers who have been kind enough to send me email about Daily Mitzvah — an extra hurdle I especially appreciate since I’ve disabled the comments feature here (it’s a spam thing). Anyone who knows me in my non-cyber life may have noticed that the Christmas cards just aren’t happening this year (I got started too late for the USPS). I would, though, like to atone partially with a holiday Thursday Thirteen thank-you to the blog authors whose work I’ve been enjoying so much over the past few months:
  1. Bob in the Middle East has terrific photos and stories from one of my favorite people and former colleagues
  2. Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things, is an award-winning group blog filled with odd and (often) wonderful items they gather for posting
  3. Brighter Days for You and Me, a fun and creative personal blog, has one of the happiest home page photos in the blogosphere
  4. Dane 101, our sturdy local group blog, includes “Breakfast Links” each morning as a quick round-up of news (and oddities) one needs to begin the day
  5. The Devil Dog is not a devil at all but a little dog named Roxy Dragon Pebbles who blogs about the humans in her life, and sometimes broccoli
  6. Dollar Philanthropy hasn't been updated recently, but it's a wonderful concept and worth a look
  7. Fun Spirit, by the same author as Brighter Days, is devoted to fun and laugher
  8. Marty Finestone’s Activity Book has charmed many award groups and offers a little bit of everything: DIY meets whatever interests Marty at a given moment.
  9. Eric B’s Random Acts of Kindness blog features his self-challenge to perform an act of kindness every day for a year. He is on Day 32 and counting!
  10. Skeet’s Stuff, another personal blog, introduced me to my new favorite group, Chemo Angels, and features a terrific Tuesday contest, plus it's always a good read
  11. A Soviet Poster a Day has nothing to do with mitzvahs, it's just a cool and visually rich site
  12. Tree Hugger is the all-things-sustainable blog. Like Boing Boing this is in many ways more like a web site, but posts with dates = blog, and it is full of good ideas
  13. Upgrade: Travel Better is a must-read for frequent travelers (as well as savvy non-frequent travelers)
Today's mitzvah: Visit a new blog and post a nice comment.

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