Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yep, It’s Cold

Good morning, it’s a balmy -7° here, with a wind chill of -22°. We’re predicted to hit a low of -15° by evening, with who-knows-what as a wind chill at that level. The extreme cold is the primary topic of conversation today here in the region, so I gave a little extra contribution to Keep Wisconsin Warm this morning. With this kind of weather, it’s hard not to. A local group estimates 50,000 Wisconsinites are living without adequate electricity and/or heat, and that’s before the crazy weather. The need for assistance is even more pressing than when I last wrote about this in November.

Today’s mitzvah: If you have some extra cash rattling around, consider a donation to a heating assistance program in your area. For no cost, drop off used coats and warm sweaters at Goodwill — or see if a local group is sponsoring a blanket drive in your area.

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