Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday 13 Things: Inspirational Web Sites

I had this post in reserve in case my hospital recovery was longer than anticipated. Happily I was back blogging fairly soon, so here’s a gift from me to you: a Thursday Thirteen Things with 13 web sites I like for a quick inspirational or motivational boost:
  1. Be Hospitable: No Good Deed Goes Unmapped (a commercial site, but I like the premise)
  2. Beliefnet’s Daily Dalai Lama
  3. Cheryl Richardson. com (click on Touch of Grace, and thank you to for the link!)
  4. Chopra Center Daily Devotion
  5. Daily Motivator
  6. Daily Tao
  7. Daryn Show the World What’s Possible
  8. Dr. Wayne Dyer Daily Inspiration
  9. Good News Network
  10.’s Light A Candle
  11. I Live Inspired (daily inspiration via text messaging)
  12. Soular Energy
  13. Whack on the Side of the Head from Creative Think
Today’s mitzvah: Be kind to yourself!

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