Monday, February 25, 2008

Blogging a Day of Eating Locally: Breakfast

Checking-in as we try to eat locally today as part of the Carbon Fast for Lent.

I thought the exception for fair-trade products was a bit dodgy, but thank goodness it's there. This means I can have some coffee — believe me, no one wants to see me without that!

Breakfast is off to a good start. We already buy Fair Trade coffee (I like Cafe Fair’s Cordilleran blend and their Chem-Free Decaf.) And the organic milk we buy looks local, too — or at least in-state: Organic Valley from La Farge, Wisconsin. The web site says it’s a family farmer-owned co-op; cool.

The rest of breakfast is going to be a challenge. The blueberries I love — it’s February, this can’t be good. Turns our they’re from Chile.
Next! But the yogurt I mix them with sounds OK: Blue Bunny from Le Mars, Iowa. Not super local but not super far either. So I can have yogurt.

I have spelt English muffins to die for, but they’re from Rudi’s Organic Bakery in California. Next! We have organic oatmeal that’s distributed by Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods; doesn’t sound local. The Amy’s Organic Breakfast Burritos and Tofu Scramble Pockets (LOVE these!) in the freezer? Amy’s makes great stuff, but it comes in from California. I thought I had a solution and would just make my own tofu scramble. But our tofu? It’s from Whole Foods too, with the vague “distributed by” language referencing Austin. This sounds like something I can easily fix on the next shopping trip: I’m almost certain I can find locally produced bean curd. And we really could be buying local bread from Madison Sourdough or Nature’s Bakery.

I think the closest I’m going to get for a local breakfast is the most un-organic food in the house. We have Product 19 from the folks in Battle Creek, Michigan. I like the cereal, but it’s beyond ironic that the most locally produced thing I have for breakfast is from a multinational corporation.

I can see this is going to be a challenging day. Check back for updates after lunch!

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