Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday: Feast Not Fast (Relax!)

As my new favorite blog The Proper of the Day reminds us, “Because all Sundays, including the Lenten ones, are Feasts of Our Lord, Lenten abstinence . . . is dispensed during these Sundays.” I’m going to take a break from Carbon Fast for Lent posts on Sundays and just relax — but tame the urge to turn on all the lights and turn up the heat!

Over the past week and half posting on the carbon fast I received my first reporter contact regarding the blog (it didn’t end up resulting in a story, but still flattering!), and I’ve discovered neat blogs that are also posting on the topic, including the aforementioned Proper of the Day; another liturgically minded blog, Green Lent; and a collective blog EcoSpace. I’ve also received nice comments from bloggers who are following the carbon fast offline, including Ms. M. from Simple Sundays and RJ from A Year of Living Greener. A pleasure, everyone!

Today’s mitzvah: Take a break from whatever you’ve been doing all week to rest and rejuvenate!

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