Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Valentine's Day Card for Lawmakers

Consumers Union, best-known for their flagship Consumer Reports magazine, also advocates for consumers on a variety of health and finance issues. This Valentine’s Day they have a special project: Kiss Credit Card Rip-Offs Goodbye. In time for February 14, CU hopes to have 100,000 Valentine's Day cards ready to send to Congress urging passage of fair and reasonable legislation against credit card issuershidden fees, universal default rates unrelated to a consumers actual history with a particular creditor, and other “gotcha” tactics. Much of this legislation has already been proposed but is languishing in Congressional committees and needs a nudge.

Today’s mitzvah: Visit CU
’s Credit Card site to offer your signature for a Velentines Day card urging Congress to Kiss Credit Card Rip-Offs Goodbye.

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