Saturday, February 2, 2008

Whale-Mail, AniMail -- and More!

Looking for a free, flexible web-based email account? Reluctant to use your personal email account when signing petitons or supporting online letter-writing campaigns? I’m a big fan of Care2’s various “click to give,” petition, Daily Action and Soular Energy sites. A lesser known Care2 feature: free, web-based email accounts with 100 MB storage and the ability to access POP email from your other accounts. Why use this? In addition to the convenience of accessing the mailbox from anywhere, the domain names are fun. In honor of Animal Week, I note especially and (Other options incude @wildmail, @vegemail, and @peacemail.) Every time you read or send e-mail using this free account, you generate donations for nonprofit organizations.

Today’s mitzvah: Check out
Care 2’s email accounts, as well as the rest of this activist-oriented online community.

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