Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Carbon Fast for Lent: Day of Reflection

The Fourth Tuesday in Lent
“‘Love does no harm to its neighbour.’ Romans 13:10. But while our lifestyles consume more and more energy, our poorer neighbours are suffering. Reflect on ways to love our neighbours in our increasingly connected world.”

Thinking of everyone being connected, I keep coming back to Tearfund’s note that people in the UK (where they’re based) produce an average 9.5 tons of carbon per person each year, roughly 25 times the per capita CO2 production of poorer countries. The practical effects? NPR offered an example last week. Before 1991 no one in Peru could remember the last cholera epidemic, but rising ocean temperatures — and an outbreak that killed thousands in a single day — have convinced doctors that the disease’s return is only a matter of time. NPR’s “Watching Peru’s Oceans for Cholera Clues,” offers more details. How many more scourges once thought eradicated are going to make a return as temperatures rise and weather becomes more unstable?

Today’s mitzvah: Take some time to think about why we’re undertaking this carbon fast. I keep coming back to Tearfund’s slogan for this year’s fast, Your Home. Their Survival. What can we do at home to help more?

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