Friday, March 14, 2008

Carbon Fast for Lent: Easy Offset

The Fifth Friday in Lent
While experts debate the value of carbon offsets: visit Care2 to offset 1 lb. of carbon for free each day. At least it plants a tree funds a wind farm!

I’ve blogged before about the mildly controversial practice of carbon offsets — the act of planting a tree or otherwise undertaking a carbon-reducing activity to reduce one’s carbon footprint. (Controversial because folks don’t agree on offsets’ effectiveness.) They’re especially popular to compensate for the carbon produced by air travel, which I’ll be writing about tomorrow. Since we’re in the DIY portion of the carbon fast and I have to run to school to teach our last class before spring break: here’s a quick and easy (and free!) small carbon offset for busy people like us. Visit Care2’s Race to Stop Global Warming, click the green button, and site sponsors make a contribution to TerraPass to reduce one lb. of carbon. This is advertiser-driven so there’s no cost to you. The amount of carbon offset is small, but it will cover your carbon footprint from this morning’s shower or an hour of computer use. It’s quick, easy, and can’t hurt!

Today’s mitzvah: Visit Care2 and click to offset 1 lb. of carbon, at no cost to you.


Green Topaz said...

Nice thoughts, thanks for the article. You can get free carbon offsets here:

jen x said...

Green Topaz, thanks for the link to Free Carbon -- I'm off to check out this site!