Thursday, March 20, 2008

Carbon Fast for Lent: Put a Lid on It

Maundy Thursday
“Put a lid on it. That’s pans when cooking and use a kettle to boil water.”

Sometimes my response to the Carbon Fast is just “okey-dokey.” Today’s action seems pretty straightforward. It did, though, also immediately make me think of Lidsville, the slightly psychedelic kids show from the 70s featuring Charles Nelson Riley, the kid from The Munsters, and a lot of talking hats.

Today’s mitzvah: Pop on a lid when the water is boiling.


Hops said...

Were there any 70s kids shows that weren't somewhat psychedelic? I think no.

jen x said...

Hops, I watched those shows avidly, so I think we know what happened to my brain cells :-)