Thursday, April 24, 2008

An Electric Car in 2009?

This isn’t a personal good deed as much as a “Hey, this looks promising!” moment. The Think City Car — all electric and somewhat affordable ($25K range) — is on sale in Europe and allegedly coming to the U.S. next year. AutoCar UK test drove it and gave a thumbs-up. It’s an itty bitty car, which always makes me pause about highway driving. (With a max speed of 65 mph and a range of just over 100 miles, highway driving may be out in any case.) But an electric car for not too much more than a Prius — maybe 2009 will be the year I buy a car. Hmmm, it’s an idea. Gas 2.0 has mileage info and lots of pix. Check it out!


Finn said...

I wish Saturn hadn't disposed of their electric car. From what I understand the people who owned them really loved them and they were quite practical to use. Despite what people say hydrogen vehicles are not as clean as electric cars as it takes fossil fuels to make the hydrogen. The electric car is perfect for city driving which is where most of the pollution comes from. If they can make electric cars cheap enough I could see people having an electric car for city use, and a normal car or perhaps a hybrid for extended trips. If we could reach that point the world would be so much cleaner, and health care costs would go down substantially.

jen x said...

Finn, I didn't realize Saturn even had an electric car (that's how far I am out of the car mainstream!). Why did they discontinue it? Was this the electric car of "Who Killed the Electric Car"?

The electric cars look best suited for short in-town trips -- but, wow, anything to ease off gas use sounds like a good idea to me.

Finn said...

Yes Saturn's electric car was the one used in tests in California. They were pulled from their owners after the government program was canceled. The movie Who Killed The Electric Car was about them.

When the Think car comes to North America I may trade in and get one too.