Saturday, May 31, 2008

Flying and Offsetting

As I mentioned on Thursday I’m traveling next week, so I figured, what the heck, I think I should purchase a carbon offset as a mea culpa for the flight’s environmental impact. I did some investigating and decided to use again for this trip. Three reasons: they’re a nonprofit; they’re super affordable (only $6 for my roundtrip, even with four separate planes); and they spend time on their site explaining “additionality,” which is their effort to ensure the money they receive creates an offset that would not have happened otherwise (as opposed to funding a project that was going to go forward regardless).

Today’s mitzvah: Are you traveling by car or plane this summer? Check out carbon offsets. They’re not very expensive, and may even help. Click my previous post here for more information. The Natural Resources Defense Council has a helpful overview, “Buying Carbon Offsets: What You Need to Know.”
Vendors like Terra Pass and have easy calculators right on their sites.

Image © 2007 by Terra Pass.

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