Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy School Supplies from Recycled Newspaper

Were do all those recycled newspapers go? How about cool rainbow- and jungle-themed school supplied for kids (and adults, too!). Eco-Space has a neat post about the O’BON company, which recently expanded from its base in Malaysia and Australia into North America. Their signature product is a pencil made not from wood but from recycled newspaper. Wrapped 36 times and attached to the graphite with nontoxic glue, it’s stronger and more environmentally friendly than traditionally wood pencils. O’BON also has green pens and folders. You can check them out at

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Hops said...

Ooh - I like these a lot. I might just switch from my Lisa Frank obsession... maybe.

verabear said...

those look beautiful. I am checking out their site right now. I haven't seen them in stores here

jen x said...

Thanks, Verabear. I checked their main (non-U.S.) page. I don't see locations exactly in your country, but they definitely have a presence in the Asia Pacific area, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia. Here's a link to their international corporate site.