Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Round-Up

Here’s your Memorial Day Mitzvah round-up. Now turn off the computer and go outside :-)

• Looking for a thoughtful way to celebrate Memorial Day?
Check out my post on the bipartisan Women Veterans Health Care Act of 2008. Tell your Senators you support this act for our female vets.

• Green your picnic #1. I dashed into Whole Foods last week for snacks for my students on the last day of class. My poor planning meant I was stuck with paper plates, so I was just hoping they had something recycled — but instead I discovered something called bagasse. Bagasse is the leftover after liquid is extracted from sugar cane. It’s often just burned, but now entrepreneurs are using it as an alternative to cellulose for paper plates, cups, and cutlery. I like this better than corn-based disposable plates since bagasse is a waste product and doesn’t entail diverting food crops. If you can’t use reusable dishes for your Memorial Day BBQ, see if your store stocks bagasse products.

• Green Your Picnic #2. Daily Green has lots of tasty tips!

Enjoy your weekend!

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1 comment:

verabear said...

I have not seen any bagasse disposable plates around here but I hope the technology comes to us too. I heard about corn-based disposable stuff last year and until now I don't see them around these parts. ugh.