Monday, May 12, 2008

One "FEED 100" Bag = 100 Lunches for Rwandan Schoolchildren

OK, I have to say it: I love this bag, and the idea behind it. A sustainable burlap pouch unzips to reveal a very soft white organic cotton tote (nice fabric), with some silk screened lettering that suggests CARE package labeling. But it’s also more than a tote: each purchase funds 100 lunches in the UN World Food Programme’s school lunch program in Rwanda.

The bags aren’t super cheap, and this is a Whole Foods-exclusive product (I try not to promote specific companies or stores on the blog, but sometimes the product makes me break my own rules). The cool thing, though: Whole Foods’ goal is to fund the UNWFP’s entire school lunch program in Rwanda for 2008, primarily through the sale of these bags. You can learn more about the program and see bag photos here. The bags are a bit pricey: $29.95 at my local store. But I thougt it was worth it to buy lunch for 100 kids. I’m also considering these as gifts for some upcoming birthdays: a nice combo of a cool tote bag and being able to tell the recipient they just bought lunch for 100 very sweet children. (Of course, I just blew the surprise for friends and family who have summer birthdays!)

Today’s mitzvah: Check out the cool bags. You can also always help the UN World Food Programme at no cost by playing our favorite vocabulary game over at Free Rice.

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Anji said...

It really is a great idea. I wonder how many kids here we'd feed with $30....

verabear said...

What a great idea - help the environment by using the bag when grocery shopping AND feed 100 children AT THE SAME TIME.

Wish there were people around here who would do things like this. :)

jen x said...

Anji: I know what you mean -- that's a lof of kids fed for just $30 :-)

Verabear: I was just thinking about this morning, when I stumbled on a blog called Greenphils: Think green for the Philippine environment. I don't know anything about the blogger, but it looks like it's updated regularly. Maybe a kindred spirit-?