Friday, May 16, 2008

Weekend Spotlight

round-up and a thank-you as we begin a sunny late spring weekend here in the Upper Midwest.

May 16th is Endangered Species Day — right in time for our friends the Polar Bears. Other animals are still in peril. Tree Hugger has more info and adorable pix!

China Earthquake: See Thursday’s post for links to three good organizations for emergency donations. I’ve also moved up the Global Giving RSS feed (right sidebar), which includes giving opportunities in China and Myanmar.

Myanmar Cyclone: Aid agencies continue to struggle with Burma’s government. See my earlier post for agencies that already have personnel on-ground, and as such may be the best options for your donations.

Last but not least, a thank-you to Focus Organic for listing and categorizing the many May 15th Bloggers Unite for Human Rights posts, including Daily Mitzvah’s Darfur post.

I’ll be back on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!

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And a thank you for linking to the list! :)