Sunday, June 8, 2008

Save Darfur (Vacation Rewind)

This post was overshadowed by the earthquake emergency in China, so I thought this was a good choice for a “vacation rewind.” Original posting date: 5/15/2008.

oday is Blog Catalog’s “Bloggers Unite for Human Rights” day, which is certainly timely. After weighing several different topic ideas, I’m going to use my post to urge the United Nations to take action in Darfur. From Human Rights Watch:

“The conflict in Darfur is in its fifth year. Sudanese soldiers and government-backed militias have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur by waging a campaign of “ethnic cleansing” and forced displacement by bombing and burning villages, killing civilians, and raping women. An estimated 2.5 million people have been forced from their homes and at least 200,000 are dead as a result of the violence. These attacks continue to take place today.

“A hybrid United Nations/African Union Peacekeeping force for Darfur was authorized in July 2007. However, because of obstruction by the Sudanese government, barely one-third of the force has been deployed . . . Sudan has repeatedly stated its refusal to cooperate with the Court or hand over the suspects. No senior government official has been made subject to targeted UN sanctions in relation to the events in Darfur.”
The situation in Darfur can often feel overwhelming. Yet anyone can join in pressuring the United Nations to take specific action to deploy the remaining 2/3 of the authorized peacekeeping force.
  • Human Rights Watch has an editable message, for sending via email or printing in letter form, as well as auto-links to the ambassadors of all Security Council members.

  • Not a letter writer? Save Darfur offers information on divesting from mutual funds that own stock in companies that help fund genocide in Darfur. (First Lady-hopeful Cindy McCain just divested $2 million of her own holdings in mutual funds with ties to Sudan.)

Today’s mitzvah:
Take action for Darfur.

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