Monday, June 30, 2008

A Visit to WEAVE on the Thai-Burma border

I posted last week about To-Go Ware, sustainable bamboo utensils that you can take-with to avoid disposable plastic cutlery. The utensils come in convenient carry packs, made either from recycled plastic bags by the Conserve nonprofit in Delhi, which I featured in the post; or in pretty cloth wraps made by WEAVE, a group working with Burmese women in refugee camps on the Thai-Burmese border. To-Go Ware founder Stephanie Bernstein visited WEAVE last year, in a video I really like. For your viewing pleasure (11 min.):

You can learn more about WEAVE here. To-Go Ware in WEAVE carriers is available at many Whole Foods or online at To-Go

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verabear said...

Thank you for sharing the video. When I was doing NGO work for children, we had partners who also worked in the MaeSot area, Burmese borders and in ChiangMai. It is nice to know the to-go ware is not only eco-friendly but helps these women too.

jen x said...

Verabear, how cool that you worked with a children-focused NGO!