Thursday, August 7, 2008

Daily Mitzvah Daily Digest

Well, “daily” as in here’s what I’ve been reading today.

Just in time for back to-school, Environmental News Network has its picks for the year’s Greenest Notebook Computers, a companion piece to its earlier Greenest Deskstop Computers review. Nice choices in both articles, although the laptops were not cheap.

Ever since I did not buy the “adult tricycle” that was for sale outside an apartment building on our street — well call me Very Odd, but I’ve been kicking myself because I kinda want one of these quasi-retro contraptions for errands in the nabe (that basket would be great for groceries). It turns out they’re crazy expensive when purchased new — a drag, because I’ll bet the one I saw was affordable, as my street is a veritable bargain bonanza in August when many of our neighborhood ex-pats head home and need to unload their U.S.-purchased stuff. For those feeling flush with cash, Grist’s Ask Umbra column has a buying guide for the brand spanking new ones.

Riding one of these sporty speed machines requires sunscreen, natch. Mom Go Green has been more dedicated than I am about searching out a sunscreen that’s affordable, low on chemicals, and not an icky consistency. Read why she is less lazy than I am here.

And Consumerist has a great reminder post that in a bad economy the public library is your new best friend (with thanks for the link to Hop To It — who just had a birthday! Many happy-hoppy returns!)

OK, back to work. I hope Thursday is treating everyone well.


GrayEyedScorpio said...

Yes, libraries are the way to go!

Hops said...

Yay thanks so much!! 23 is pretty sweet so far, AND I've been to the library twice already.

verabear said...

I want one, I don't think I've ever seen adult tricycles in these parts. I'll keep an eye out for those. Happy weekend!