Saturday, March 14, 2009

Carbon Fast for Lent: Back to the Land

“Buy food that’s being grown or produced locally using local shops and farmers markets where possible – see Bonus: Grow some of your own food.You don’t need an allotment or even a garden - grow herbs, fruit and vegetables in pots (window sill or garden). Or join others in your community to cultivate gardens together. Find out more in the fact sheet.” — Tearfund Carbon Fast for Lent

I live a short walk from an amazing farmers market, which I can wait to see start up again next month! I also noticed my otherwise very mainstream grocery store has started posting little signs like roadmaps with mileage estimates to note
locally produced items. I was also intrigued by lettuce plants growing on flowerpots. Apparently one can pick the lower leaves so it continues to grow. I may see a living room garden in my future . . .

Today’s mitzvah: Use Local Harvest’s finding tool to locate farmers markets, family owned farms, and other sustainable resources near you.

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