Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Carbon Fast for Lent: Sign Up for Green Power

“Ask your electricity and gas suppliers if they have a green or renewable energy plan. Make t
he switch to a green plan today.”

This was one of my favorite Carbon Fast activities last year. I’m happy to see it making another appearance so I can plug it again! Our power company’s Green Power Tomorrow program is very affordable. I pay just an additional 1¢/kWh for a 100% offset — for our house that’s been only about $1.60/month, although for most homes MGE estimates about $6/month. The way the way the plan works: our utility purchases solar and wind power to match the number of kilowatt hours that the Green Power subscribers use each month. This increases the amount of solar and wind power power in the pool by the amount that Green Power subscribers use — and thus increases the amount of renewable energy in everyone’s energy mix.

Bonus: Check out the local solar project near my house! (It’s the second project in the video, near the bike path.)

Today’s mitzvah: Check your local power company’s web site or the Department of Energy’s Green Power Network to find an affordable green power option.

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