Saturday, June 6, 2009

Secret Tips for Saving Gas

A few small tips — including a trick involving turning the nozzle upside down to get an extra half cup of gas.

With thanks to Mom Go Green for the link!


Strictly said...

any chance you could do a brief summary of the tips? The video won't show outside the US.

jen x said...

I didn't realize Hulu was US-specific. My apologies! Here are the video's "8 simple tips":

1. Air conditioning is OK, despite conventional wisdom to the contrary, and more fuel efficient on the highway than opening the windows, which can create drag that reduces fuel efficiency.

2.Don't fill up till you're almost on empty. Fuel = weight = less efficiency.

3. After fueling, turn the nozzle upside down to get another 1/2 cup of fuel that's stuck in the hose/nozzle. (This one is my favorite. Who knew?)

5. Put the car in "overdrive" for highway driving. This uses lowers RPMs and saves gas. (Even though I am clueless as to what "overdrive" means!)

6. Stay in one lane as much as possible. Weaving in and out of lanes uses more gas.

7. Use cruise control when on a flat highway. This may improve gas mileage by as much as 7% (but it's not efficient on uneven roads).

8. Turn off all electronics and climate controls before cutting the engine. With the extras off, your engine won't have to work so hard the next time you start it, saving fuel.

There you go!

P.S. -- I like your penguins :-)

Strictly said...

Aww, thank you! I don't know what overdrive is, and I don't have cruise control, but plan to use every other tip - course my fuel is £1.01 a litre (approx $1.60 a litre) so you can understand why!