Monday, December 14, 2009

Carnival of the Green #206

Daily Mitzvah is delighted to host this week’s installment of the Tree Hugger Carnival of the Green.
A big thank you to last week’s host, Pragmatic Environmentalism. And you’ll definitely want to check out the carnival’s next stop, Lighter Footstep, on December 21.

Let the carnival begin!

  • Want to see your climate question answered live on television? Earth PM has the details in “COP 15: Let your voice be heard.”

  • Fake Plastic Fish is offering a plastic-free lip balm and body cream giveaway. As a bonus, the containers are compostable. Check it out!

  • Other blogs are embracing gender roles this week. For the boys: Guffly has green gifts for the men on your list, including my faves the upcycled Lego® cufflinks, as well as vegan sneakers, old-timey razor kits, and more. And for the young ladies: Go Green Street has tips on eco-friendly nursery decorating for a baby girl.

  • After you finish the nursery, Home Addition Plus has ideas for Inexpensive Green Home Improvements. And while we’re focusing on a happy home, Pragmatic Environmentalism offers useful advice for How to Preserve Your Laptop Battery

  • For those who are paring down, The Digerati Life reminds readers that they can donate older cars for a tax deduction

  • For those of a more theoretical bent, Project Earth offers thoughts on the connections between psychology, human behavior, and environmentalism.

  • And What Green Investments muses on climate and language

    Last but not least, here is our Best Green Tweet of the week:

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    Thank you for visiting. Don't forget to stop by Lighter Footstep next week for the next installment of Carnival of the Green!

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