Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Make a Commitment with Bill Clinton

I’m enjoying Bill Clinton’s book, Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World. (There’s a terrific free audio sample at Aubible.com, as well as a brief audio message from Pres. Clinton here.)

The Clinton Global Foundation has launched a companion web site called
My Commitment, around the idea that anyone can help improve the lives of others, “down the street or around the world.” In addition to inspiring stories, the site includes a “My Commitment” form where one can sign a pledge to make a difference, one action at a time.

The commitments people post are as inspiring as they are attainable. Kacy T. in California pledges, “I am going to purchase 14 treated mosquito nets from the UNICEF website using the money from my first real paycheck.” Steve T. in Texas pledges to do Five Things for Clean Air: “Plant 5 trees this fall. Raise the A.C. temp by 5 degrees. Eat 5 meals a week that don't require turning on the stove or microwave. Change 5 light bulbs to flourescent.”

Not sure where to start? The site also includes a “Commitment 101” page with practical advice.

Today’s mitzvah: Consider making a commitment at My Commitment.


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