Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!
I always like to find ways that my daily activities can multitask and give back, such as charity shopping portals. While I don’t shop online everyday — I do search the web. A lot. And now a search engine called GoodSearch will contribute approximately 1¢ to a nonprofit I designate, each time I search the web. A penny a search. Is it a lot of money? Nope. For me I’m guessing this works out to about $36/year. But that’s money that wouldn’t otherwise make its way to the organization. GoodSearch is also transparent about the amounts raised — a link below the search button lets you see how many clicks and how much money the group has received each month. Most charitable groups and nonprofits are listed. I have two computers, so I have the desktop set to fund WORT-FM, and the laptop set to benefit Kiva.

GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo Search. It’s not Google, but then again Google doesn’t pay my charities when I visit.

Today’s mitzvah: Try a search on Good Search, and kick back some change for a favorite nonprofit.

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