Tuesday, November 27, 2007

“Missing Money”: Do you have unclaimed funds?

Today’s mitzvah is my gift to you. I’m pretty organized so when I read that 2/3 of Americans have funds languishing in state government Unclaimed Property divisions, I assumed I was in the 1/3 minority. But a quick search on Missing Money — a free centralized web site for state unclaimed property databases — returned hits from two former addresses (some uncashed dividend checks and a utility deposit).

You can search for your own unclaimed property by using Missing Money’s centralized web site, or by visiting your state’s unclaimed funds database. Also note that Missing Money does not include all states. If you national search comes up empty, click on their map of direct links to state unclaimed property divisions (states to which you’ll need to link directly include New York, Illinois, and Indiana).

Today’s mitzvah: Search for forgotten unclaimed funds — and consider donating some of the “found money” bounty to a worthy cause! (Or search for family and friends to spread some “found money” cheer.)

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