Saturday, December 22, 2007

Last-Minute Shopping? No Prob!

I’m cleaning, cooking, packing — running around like all of you today. And of course this morning I realized I’d forgotten one gift that needed to be sent by mail. Not a problem: several web sites offer a happy confluence of gifts that give back and can be delivered instantaneously.
  • Amazon offers seemingly everything on earth, and they will email electronic gift certificates to arrive on the date you specify. If you use this affiliate link, Amazon will rebate a portion of the purchase price to benefit Kiva, the microloan group. Or shop Amazon at Nonprofit Shopping Mall to choose from a long list of charity partners.

  • Support Kiva directly with a gift certificate that allows your recipient to choose a low-income entrepreneur and help fund his or her microloan. The gift certificates are downloadable PDFs that you can print yourself from Kiva’s site, or email to your recipient.

  • I’ve posted previously about Tis Best, the charity gift card site. Their gift “cards” are delivered by email — to you or to your recipient — and can be used to donate to any of 200 partner nonprofits, supporting everything from animals to the arts.

  • Heifer International allows you to donate anything from a flock of chicks to a water buffalo in your recipient’s name. They offer printable gift inserts and e-cards for last-minute giving. also offers online gift cards you can print out yourself.

Today’s mitzvah: For our friends who celebrate Christmas, consider a gift that gives back — either as a last-minute “oops!” fix or as an extra stocking stuffer.

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