Sunday, December 23, 2007

Simple Sundays:
Click for the Gift of Children’s Health

The Child Health Site
In the midst of gift buying and holiday hurrying, The Child Health Site offers a quick, easy, and free way to give the gift of health to children around the world. Every time you click on the site’s blue button (once per day per person), the site’s sponsors make a small donation to charity partners. Together these individual clicks add up to help children each day by:
  • funding Vitamin A supplementation, to help prevent 400,000 cases of childhood blindness each year
  • providing oral re-hydration formula to children with severe dehydration, a major cause of death for children under five worldwide
  • making a prosthesis for child amputees, many of whom have have lost a foot or leg to landmines
  • restoring lost eyesight through simple surgeries that reverse blindness caused by cataracts and trachoma
  • testing pregnant mothers for HIV as a step toward preventing mother-to-child transmission of the AIDS virus

Today’ mitzvah: Click on The Child Health Site to give a gift of health to a child this holiday season

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