Monday, December 24, 2007

Praying without Ceasing: 129 Years & Going Strong

Tucked away in LaCrosse, WI, the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration are keeping vigil. Yet this isn’t just any vigil. The order’s nuns have been praying without ceasing, 24 hours a day, since August 1, 1878. Day and night, even through difficult financial periods, at least two sisters are always at prayer — praying for all of us.

I hesitated to post on the sisters’ vigil since I know they are sometimes overwhelmed by internet prayer requests, which they receive quite gladly. Yet for me nothing better embodies the spirit of Christmas than these amazing women.

The sisters receive prayer requests on their web site. They also welcome donations — this is a cause for which I don’t hesitate to suggest a contribution if you are able.

Today’s mitzvah: Send a thank-you to the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, and consider praying for them as they pray for us.

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