Friday, December 14, 2007

Too Few Miles for A Ticket?

The business trip is winding down, but my quest for travel-related mitzvahs continues. I’m a happy frequent flyer mile accumulator — I often face a dilemma: buy things via a charity portal to help others, or a via a miles-earning portal for me! Yet even for a mile hoarder like myself, FF miles on some airlines are unlikely to grow into a free ticket anytime soon. A random flight, an airline that no longer flies into my city — these account balances will languish in the 1,000– to 2,000–mile range until they eventually expire. One option: use the miles for magazine subscriptions. Yet, if one has all the magazines one needs, excess unusable miles can often be donated to charities via a program with the airline. Here are links to several major carriers’ programs. If your airline is not listed here, the programs are easy to find on GoodSearch.
Today’s mitzvah: Consider donating those unused frequent flyer miles to a good cause.

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