Thursday, January 3, 2008

Be Irrepressible

I’m going to be away from the blog for a day or three and was trying to figure out how to keep the content fresh. Amnesty International gave me an idea with their “” campaign. As a response to internet censorship in many countries, A.I. is urging each of us to publish fragments of censored information on our own web sites and blogs. They’ve facilitated this process by creating buttons that auto-update with new fragments each time the host page is accessed or refreshed. You’ll see one of these buttons in the right-hand margin here on Daily Mitzvah. The fragments come from many sources, but my favorite in the rotation is the greater London weather forecast — included as a reminder that several countries currently block their citizens’ access to the BBC’s web site.

Today’s mitzvah: Consider adding censored fragments to your own web site or blog. The widgets are available by clicking here. And everyone can click the censored button for a link to a pledge to oppose internet censorship and more information on the campaign. See you in a few days!

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