Thursday, February 21, 2008

Carbon Fast for Lent: Bag the Plastic Bags

The Third Thursday in Lent
“Snub plastic bags. Get into the habit of taking your rucksack to the supermarket or go retro with a trolley. Ask your supermarket to remove unnecessary packaging.”

Of course, I’m using the British version of the Carbon Fast for Lent just so I can type words like rucksack and trolley . . .

When I learned the local Whole Foods will no longer provide bags when one buys groceries, I had mixed feelings. I actually do re-use all our grocery bags: plastic bags as our trashcan liners, and paper bags for the recycling. But I’m warming to the no-plastic bag concept from an environmental perspective. No idea what I’ll do for free trashbags, but I’m on the lookout for cool reusable bags that will fold down very small so I can keep ’em with me (like the Baggu bags pictured here, which fold up into their own neat little pouch. They’re also available on Amazon — if you buy them through Amazon’s link on Nonprofit Shopping Mall, your favorite charity will get a little rebate to boot, in a happy double mitzvah). Any ideas for cool reusable bags? Drop me a line or a link!

Today’s mitzvah: All things in moderation. Swap out one or two plastic bags with something reusable (or even better, reusable and recycled) at the next grocery trip.


RFSJ said...

Hey Jen,

Did you skip a day? I've got shorter showers as for today, Day 14, the 2nd Thursday. But maybe *I'm* the one who's off.


jen x said...

Hey, RFSJ --

I got a late start (after Ash Wednesday) so I'm skipping around a bit to make up the lost days. Yours are in the correct order with the correct numbers -- I'm the one who is being anarchic :-)

Emily said...

Well, lessee, we've got:
Biodegradable pet poop bags
Biodegradable kitchen and shopping bags
Makers of "BioPlastics"

Hope those help, and way to go with the plastic reduction!

jen x said...

Emily, these corn-based biodegradable bags are beyond cool. Thanks for the link! I really haven't bought plastic bags in almost 10 years, so the new technology is indeed all new to me :-)

Denise said...

i love those bags- going to visit amazon again. Thanks for the link

Hops said...

We must be on the same wavelength or something; I just posted about plastic bag wastage yesterday! Those Baggu bags are a great find, btw - way more fashionable than the ones I came up with.

Chandira said...

I'm wondering what I'll do with no plastic kitty-litter bags!!

Emily said...

Happy to help! :)

Chandira - Biodegradable cat pan liners

P.S. Just got a letter in the mail yesterday to let us know that our house is now officially paying for 100% renewable energy. Hoooray!

jen x said...

Emily, I know I'm a total geek but a letter like that would make my day! (And, hey that must mean ours is on the way. Cool.) This is really the first time since I was a kid (think 1970s) that I've felt like I was living in a time of change and possibility. There have always been little pockets of co-ops and progressively minded folks. But in the past year or so, it feels like this is sneaking into the mainstrean.

OK, Ms Pollyana signing off for the weekend :-)

jen x said...

P.S. --

Hops, thanks so much for the blog mention! That was awesome.

Denise and Chandira, thanks for two new blogs to add to my Things I Like to Read list :-)

clair said...

Hey Jen, those Baggu bags are too cool, gotta love that fuschia. I got one free today, am planning to get a pix of it to post on my blog.

jen x said...

Clair, I'm envious you scored a Baggu bag for free! I ordered some yesterday from Amazon's link at Nonprofit Shopping Mall. I went for stripes -- but as soon as I clicked the last check-out button I already know I was going to be back for fuschia :-)