Monday, March 10, 2008

Carbon Fast for Lent: Radiator Magic

The Fifth Monday in Lent
“Fit aluminium foil behind your radiator – allowing you to turn the radiator down and save £10 a year per radiator.”

I no longer live in an apartment with a radiator, a fact for which I’m actually grateful. My NYC radiator also didn’t really have settings (just “on” and “not on” as I remember). But this sounds like a nifty tip. The Green Guy has DIY instructions and more info.

Since this is such a super short post: I’m also curious if anyone is using carbon offsets when they travel by plane. I’ll be on a research trip the last week in Lent, which involves four planes in five days. (How’s that for undoing a lot of the Lenten good; aargh.) The last time I flew I did something offsetty with Travelocity — I think they partner with TerraPass The Conservation Fund — basically just responding to a pop-up box when I bought the tickets. This time I’m flying on FF miles so there wasn’t a check-out option to add an offset. If anyone does buy carbon offsets and has an opinion or preference for a vendor, I’d love to hear.

Today’s mitzvah: Fun with foil (c’mon, you get to say al-you-MIN-ee-um) — or tell me about carbon offsets.

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RFSJ said...

Hilarious! and I missed the DIY stuff for putting foil behind the radiators - I need to do that in the vicarage!