Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy "Day of Light": March 9, 2008

No Carbon Fast for Lent post today since it’s Sunday. Instead, we go to Brazil courtesy of Good News Network. A Brazilian group has proclaimed March 9th “The Day of Light.” They urge people to buy only magazines and newspapers that promote optimism and hope today. They’re also having a parade on the beach at Copacabana (which sounds pretty darn appealing today) and encourage others to parade wherever they are. Other suggestions: “Communicate. Exchange ideas. Spread your desire for a better world.”

Here’s their video (if you speak Portuguese, choose that option on YouTube, since it has more nuance in the original, but the ideas come through in the English version, too):

Today’s mitzvah: Celebrate with Brazil and find a way to celebrate the Day of Light’s theme: ”Good news can light up a new attitude.”

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