Saturday, March 1, 2008

Carbon Fast for Lent: Up the Recycling Ante

The Third Saturday in Lent
“Counsel your local council. Thank them for their recycling facilities but ask them if they could provide any more.”

Since the Carbon Fast for Lent originates in the UK, I’m having lots of fun navigating trolleys, rucksacks, and local councils! The American equivalent seems pretty straightforward: can one’s town or city do more toward recycling? I’m in an anomalous position since my building uses a commercial service to pick up the recycling, and they accept just about everything, including plastics numbered 1–7. Our city’s curbside recycling accepts a more limited array of items, noting they don’t have a buyer for some plastics. I’m going to do some research on other cities and see what I can find, and then send a nice letter to my alderperson.

Today’s mitvzah:
What does your city do for recycling? Might they do more?

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