Thursday, May 1, 2008

Charity Piggy Bank Update

Nothing makes the months fly by like putting $$ aside! Time to look back on April and see how much loose change made it into Daily Mitzvah’s charity piggy bank. In keeping with the blog’s theme, this is a small way to make a difference in a big world (even on a budget). Here are the last month’s totals:
I decided to spend some of the piggy bank for two good causes. As I posted earlier, five bucks went to’s campaign to get as many people as possible to contribute just one bednet in the fight against malaria. And I wanted to help sponsor blogger Proper of the Day for the New York City AIDS Walk. Even with these two small outlays, I’m on track for a nice donation or two by the end of the year. I’ll continue to post an update each month and keep a running total on the blogs upper right column.

Today’s mitzvah: Consider creating a “charity piggy bank” to collect small sums for a year-end charitable contribution.


Peter said...

G'Day Jen from New Zealand
Great blog here with an interesting slant on all good helpful means. Great effort, keep it up. I love the idea of the charity piggy bank.
Take care

jen x said...

Peter, I am currently obsessed with New Zealand. I had a dream where I was teaching there, and now I'm very curious about the country. And, hey, cool, I get to add a new flag this week :-)