Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ecology Center Offers "Catalog Choice"

Our favorite person in North Carolina found a new mail opt-out service that looks just right for those of us who like to receive some catalogs, just not all of them. Catalog Choice is in beta, but already includes many popular catalogs. Unlike blanket “opt out of everything” services, Catalog Choice lets one pick and choose the catalogs one would prefer not to receive.

This is a very nice option for reducing junk mail without completely cutting oneself off from potentially interesting new offerings. Since I am like a 10-year-old in my delight in receiving mail — which is why I’ve resisted signing up with a service that will nuke all my bulk mail — this sounds like a good compromise.

Today’s mitzvah: Check out Catalog Choice. Or if you want to stop even more bulk mail, check out my March post Junk the Junk Mail.

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