Monday, April 7, 2008

Follow-Up: Tangible Karma Day

Pshew, who would think that such a simple idea would stump me? I posted over the weekend about Tangible Karma Day: taking an hour to contemplate the needs in one’s immediate world and then taking a tangible step to help. This should be the easiest thing in the world, right? But I was out of ideas for this one. I don’t really have time to volunteer. Everyone needs money, but as a grad student it’s tight and I’m not sure the point of tangible karma was just to write a check.

The difficult thing, I think, is feeling that one needs to build a school or feed a village. Even in my medium-sized Midwestern city, if one stops to look around the need is so great it can feel overwhelming. So I decided to scale back and do something small. The apartment is overdue for a spring clean and I have a growing pile of gently used clothes and household items that are destined for St. Vincent de Paul. I don’t feel this is enough, but it’s a start.

Today’s mitzvah: Be nice to yourself as you find a small way to give back.


Amber Nicole Dilger said...

Hi! I just had to post a response because this is exactly what we had in mind when we created Tangible Karma Day! Seemingly small things can make more of a profound impact than you might imagine. In fact, Tangible Karma (TM) the product, was created to give people the opportunity to see the positive impact that their material donations make in the lives of others. (You can check it out at our website:

Thank you again for participating in Tangible Karma Day!

~Amber Nicole

jen x said...

Thanks, Amber. And big, big congrats on Tangible Karma Day! It's a terrific idea.