Monday, April 21, 2008

EXTRA: Daily Mitzvah on the Radio

I was taking a break from grading a massive pile of papers and checking out the blog stats — I like to see how folks get here — when I noticed a visitor all the way from Brazil had arrived via a link to Daily Mitzvah on Spotlight Radio. Being a radio fan myself (and also childishly delighted when someone links to the blog) I skedaddled right over. It turns out Spotlight Radio has a Special English program (the BBC used to do this, too) with clearly enunciated and not-fast programs for listeners around the world. (I wish I could find a program like this in Special French so I could practice, but that’s another story.)

Anyhoo, Spotlight Radio did a very sweet segment on Daily Mitzvah, called “Acts of Kindness,” talking about why I started this blog and mentioning some of the posts. You can check it out here.

This made my day. Thank you, Spotlight Radio!


Pam said...

This is VERY exciting! What a compliment to your great site! It is amazing how word gets around these days.

jen x said...

Than you, Ms Pamela! It really did make my day :-)

Emily said...

That's excellent. I'm surprised they didn't try to contact you directly, but hey, all publicity is good publicity! :)

jen x said...

I was surprised too, but I think it's a small organization. I'm just glad I finally discovered it, even 2 months later, so I could label the related posts. And, OK, really for the morale boost :-)

BTW, is it beautiful today or what? I thought it was going to rain all day but instead: a gloriously sunny Earth Day!