Monday, April 21, 2008

Smile for Earth Day (Eve)

I thought of titling the post “Green Those Pearly Whites,” but even I have my limits! I was GoodSearching for toothbrushes with replaceable heads (re-use the handle, so only the head gets thrown away) when I stumbled upon an post that opened up a whole new world of eco-friendly toothbrushes. (I’m a geek — I love this stuff.) Did you know you can buy a toothbrush made from recycled Stonyfield yogurt cups? Who knew? (I don’t typically like to plug specific brands, but this was too neat to keep to myself.)

I’m still looking for one with replacement heads, but this is pretty cool too. The company, Recycline, also offers replaceable razors with recycled handles. Thank goodness someone is making good use of all my yogurt containers!

Today’s mitzvah: Thousands of lbs. of toothbrushes wind up in landfills each year. Consider a recycled or recyclable toothbrush (check out Larry West’s post for several options).


Finn said...

Hi great blog! It's nice to see someone taking the enviroment seriously rather than just buying whatever product is pushed out on the shelves as a trendy earth saver of the week. I try to do my best for the green cause too. These days it's so important!

jen x said...

Thanks, Finn. I like your View Master images!