Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Ciclovia

This is my 20th year free of car ownership(!), which I’m celebrating with an occasional series of posts.
I first learned about Bogotá’s Ciclovia while reading the EcoSpace: Conscious Community blog. Street Films terrific short film really brings it to life. Every Sunday, 70 miles of Bogotá streets are closed to traffic and opened to bikes and pedestrians. More than 2 million people of all ages and backgrounds spill out into streets that become their own. They have also added Recreovia: 20 stages where instructors lead giant aerobics and rumba classes (those segments are among my favorite in the film.) It’s inspiring to hear residents share how much the Ciclovia’s safety, freedom, and “community living” means to them. Enjoy.

Ciclovia: Bogotá (9:41).

Today’s mitzvah: Learn more about care-free spaces and cities at the World Carfree Network.

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