Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 22: International Day for Biodiversity

The United Nations has designated May 22 as the International Day for Biological Diversity. This year’s theme is agriculture, which is very timely given the current world grain crisis and well as hard questions about bio-fuels. Eco-Space has more. Overall the day is designed to promote the importance of addressing agricultural biodiversity and climate change simultaneously, as the best path for success.

The Convention on BioDiversity’s suggestions for action include:
  • conserve biodiversity that is especially sensitive to climate change
  • preserve habitats so as to facilitate the long-term adaptation of biodiversity
  • improve our understanding of climate change – biodiversity linkages
The CBD also has a youth portal for elementary and middle school-age kids.

Today’s mitzvah: Take a moment to acknowledge International Biodiversity Day with a free click-to-give at The Rainforest Site to preserve biodiversity internationally, or
at Care2 to preserve fragile ecosystems in the U.S. Sponsors will make a small contribution for each click, at no cost to you.

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Frances said...

I am glad I started my day with those clicks.
Thanks for popping by my blog.

jen x said...

Frances, thanks for stopping by! I loved the images in your Faces from a street fair post :-)