Monday, May 5, 2008

Organic Bakery Turns Customers Into Growers

I contributed a blurb for this on Good News Network, but I wanted to spotlight the story here as well, just because I like it — and it’s also a perfect fit with this blog’s focus on making a small difference in a big world.

The Hungry Ghost Bakery in Northampton, MA, is committed to producing only organic baked goods. Yet, for them, this meant wheat was grown in South Dakota, then trucked to North Carolina for milling into flour, and then shipped to Massachusetts for the bakery. Organic, yes, but not local and not a terrific carbon footprint with all that transit. Their innovative solution? What if bakery customers each grew organic wheat in a small plot at home? The bakery began giving out wheatberries to customers for free — to grow in 10x10' “front yard wheat” plots — and will sponsor a “scythe harvest” when the first crop is ready for harvesting. The always engaging Groovy Green Blog has the whole story and links to related NPR coverage — check it out.

Today’s mitzvah: What creative small local solution can you dream up today?


Finn said...

There's a new food processor out which lets you turn grains into flour its like a little flour mill in your kitchen. I think it would be so cool to grow your own grains and then mill them at home.

It's good to see people with innovative ideas like this one. All it takes is for one to catch on and it sets a precident for everyone to follow!

jen x said...

Finn, I am so obtuse about all things good related -- I never even stopped to think that one could grind one's own flour as easy as buying it! I also just learned about someone who roasts her own coffee beans every morning -- there's a whole food world out there I need to explore!