Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thursday, June 19: "Dump the Pump"

his month’s MPowering Madison newsletter reminded readers that Thursday is the third annual “Dump the Pump” Day in the United States, to help raise awareness about public transportation options. It’s especially timely this year, with gas prices soaring. But in any year it’s a handy reminder to try to take public transportation when possible. I know this is easier in some locations than others. (I’m totally spoiled by our public transit system. Why people drive in our city during rush hour is beyond me.) I wonder if a massive no-driving day would help with gas prices as well? It would certainly give the atmosphere a breather.

Today’s mtzvah: Can you dump the pump on Thursday? Some cities are even offering free rides on public transit. Here’s an iSearch list to get you started.

Update 12:00 pm: The
Money and Values blog took the time to compile a list of about 20 cities that are offering free rides on Thursday. Check it out, you might get lucky.

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